joi, 9 mai 2013

First Step In selecting A Bushcraft Knife

A lot of individuals get adorned  abreast of selecting massive crooked wanting knives or assume that if it doesn't value a minimum of $200 bucks then its not an honest knife. Nothing is clear of the reality.

The first step in selecting an honest knife for the geographic region is knowing what you may be mistreatment it for and this can be wherever plenty of individuals get adorned  up as a result of all they accept is chopping. massive knives square measure higher for chopping however a knife is employed for therefore way more.

So lets point out a number of the items you'll be employing a knife for within the geographic region. Chopping fuel, clearing brush, shelter building, shaving kindling from wood, carving triggers for snares, carving spear points, carving tools and utensils, cutting rope, cutting material, gesture holes in numerous materials, skinning game, cutting up your food, and therefore the list goes on and on thus you'll be able to see why it's one in all the tools you are doing not wish to be while not.

Of all the items higher than solely the primary three square measure higher through with giant knives. Most of those things square measure higher accomplished with little to medium sized knives wherever you have got higher management and may do additional elaborate work. this can be to not say you must not have an enormous knife however to stay in mind what you may be mistreatment your knife for the foremost.

So What Knife to settle on?

With all this in mind you'll be able to see that it's exhausting to possess a do all knife. this can be one in all the numerous reasons I carry multiple knives within the geographic region. Besides the very fact that there square measure numerous belongings you want a knife for, after you carry many knifes if you injury or loose one you mostly have a backup.

You can invariably use an enormous knife for elaborate jobs and little knives to try to to giant work its simply easier to possess the proper tool for the proper job. I typically carry a minimum of three knives and if the case permits a multi use axe. thus you'll be able to see if your philosophy was that it's to be expensive  to be an honest knife, you'd have a fortune occupied in knives.

Most of the expensive  knives that square measure common square measure smart knives and there's a reason they're thus expensive  however they are doing not got to be expensive  to be smart. one in all the foremost common brands (and one in all my favorites) of bushcraft knives, the Mora's square measure a number of the smallest amount expensive .

Most of the expensive  knives square measure that approach due to the materials and therefore the approach the metals square measure worked. This will produce a superior knife which will last longer and square measure designed for a period of time of use. but it'll value you alittle fortune to possess all the knives you would like during this caliper. Conjointly you have got to recollect knives drift and or broken.
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marți, 12 martie 2013

The Best Survival Knife

Fixed Blade Survival Knife

The best survival knife option is a fixed blade survival knife, it is hands down the best type of knife for outdoor survival. These knives are designed to take abuse and punishment. The are often used for shelter building, chopping, fixed as a spear tip, fire building, prying, hammering and dozens of other tasks.
There are some specs that you need to look for when finding the best survival knife for you such as making sure that it is a full tang blade. Full tang is a term that describes a single piece of metal that starts as a blade and continues through the entire handle. The handle can be fixed to the tang by rivets, can be injection-molded rubber (Kraton), braided para cord or another type of handle that is affixed to the tang.

Lanyard Holes on a survival knife

Lanyard holes are holes found on a knife where cord or rope can be fastened to. You want to make sure that your knife has at least one of these at the base below the handle. Some Survival knives will have additional lanyard holes below the blade so that the knife can be easily fastened to a pole as a spear. You can do this with one lanyard hole as well but 3 make it easier.

Other Things To Consider

Some other things to consider are: a sharpener that comes attached to the sheath, the sheath itself, whether the knife sits is it quietly for stalking game, the options for attaching the sheath to your belt/ body. Also price. you dont have to spend 200 bucks to get the best survival knife but should be willing to shell out around a hundred bucks. With this type of knife the price is directly related to the quality.